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Alice Hayes atop her zebra

… After Long Rider Daisy Bates migrated from Ireland to Australia in the 1880s, she rode three thousand miles in her sidesaddle across the Outback. Likewise, when Ella Sykes, the unconquerable English Long Rider, set out to canter across the deserts of Persia, it wasn’t the local Muslims who almost slew her, it was the sidesaddle which nearly took her life on several occasions.

It was during this time period that Alice Hayes, a British author and strong advocate of the sidesaddle, warned the English speaking world that the only people advocating ladies to resume riding astride were “journalists short of copy and women anxious for notoriety.” Hayes went on to denounce “feminine desperados” who, being either “mad or wholly ignorant,” had forgotten how “ungraceful” riding astride made a woman look.

Yet while Hayes and Hitchcock worked hard at protecting the equestrian status quo, lady Long Riders were quietly breaking down social and equestrian restrictions on both sides of the Atlantic. …

Via The Long Riders Guild Academic Foundation: The world’s first global hippological study - Sidesaddles and Suffragettes: The Fight to Ride and Vote by CuChullaine O’Reilly FRGS

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