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A tumblr thingy

Ambisyllabicity asked you:
hey, you’ve just got tagged to post 10 facts about yourself and to send this to 10 of your favourite followers :3

Well, here we go!

1. I find Spirituality far more useful than religion and dogma.

2. I’m much older than you’d suspect. I’m so old I remember being a place.

3. My RP (posh and snooty) British accent is superb, but my Cockney accent is diabolical.

4. I’ve met guitarists who know less about guitars than I do, and I don’t play.

5. I wanna be a library if/when I grow up.

6. I was anti-dog for much of my life. I saw a cat being torn apart by two dogs when I was three, and didn’t get over it until we got Kesha The Magnificent when I was in my early 30s. She was indeed a magnificent dog, and she got many other people over their fear and/or dislike of dogs.

7. I was given the initials CAT, so it’s hardly a shock that I’d lived with more kitties than I can count by the time I was ten years old.

8. I have fallen in love with more horses than humans. The communication’s far better and deeper, and horses are much kinder people than so many humans.

9. I really want a time machine so that I could visit a number of very interesting Ancient Egyptians.

10. I joined tumblr for the Sherlock, but stayed for the Doctor Who, horses, art, history, cartography, silliness, and lotsa other goodies and the good people. :)

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