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Also known as: Azrek DB
GSB 70
Colour: Grey
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: 1881
Height: 147 cm ~ 14.2 hands
Sire: Desert Bred
Dam: Desert Bred
Strain: Seglawi Jedran
Land of birth: Saudi Arabia
Land of standing: South Africa
Breeder: Mashlab Ibn al-Dirri-Saba Bedo
Meaning of Name: Arabic word for a bluish-grey coat coloration

Imported: 1887 to Egypt by the Blunts. I: 1888 to Crabbet - England. I: 1891 to Cape of Good Hope, Africa by Cecil Rhodes. Pyramid Society: Straight Egyptian. Sheykh Obeyd. Al Khamsa: A Foundation Horse. Blunt, 100%.

A Desert-Bred Stallion and treasured within the CMK Heritage as one of the original foundation sires for Wilfrid Scawen Blunt’s and Lady Anne Blunt’s Crabbet Stud in England, Azrek was bred by Sheik Mashlab Ibn Derri of the of the Resallin Gomussa tribe of the Sebaa Anazeh. Purchased by The Blunts in March 1887 and shipped to England the following Spring 1888, Azrek was admired for his action and his prepotent ability to pass it on to his foals and their foals and for many generations on into the future. Azrek was described in 1891 by Lady Anne Blunt as: “A magnificent horse in every way, grand head and neck, powerful shoulder and unrivaled trotting action…enormous strength of back and quarter…tail set very high and splendidly carried…the sinew literally like steel to the the touch. Great speed and impossible to tire. His stock superior to any other sire yet in the stud.” Azrek was sold to South Africa in 1891 where he was lost to purebred Arabian horse breeding, but his blood lives on in the horses of Arieana Arabians through his sons Ahmar and Ben Azrek (see *Nuri Pasha) and his daughter Rose Diamond (see *Rossana).

via Arieana Arabians - Heritage Notebook: Into the Sands of Time (Desert Bred Stallions)

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