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GSB #23 (Volume XIV)
Bay Stallion, born 1874
Bred by: Ibn Sbeyni of the Mehed Tribe of the Fedaan of the Sebaa Anazeh
Strain: Seglawi Jedran
Height: 14.2½ hands

From our Arieana Notebook: A Desert-Bred Stallion and treasured within the CMK Heritage as one of the original foundation sires for Wilfrid Scawen Blunt’s and Lady Anne Blunt’s Crabbet Stud in England, Kars was bred in the Syrian desert by Ibn Sbeyni of the Mehed Tribe of the Fedaan of the Sebaa Anazeh and sold by his breeder as a 2-year old to Mahmud Aga, a Kurdish Chief of an irregular cavalry force raised in the northern desert during the Russian war. Mahmud Aga rode Kars in 1877, as a 3-year-old, to the war in Armenia where nearly every other horse perished. Kars was twice wounded by bullets. During the retreat from Armenia to Aleppo Kars appeared so close to death that he was abandoned on the road, but he got up and followed his master. Kars was little more than a skeleton when purchased by the Blunts in Aleppo in December of 1877 for £69. He was shipped to England in July of 1878 where he was the first stallion used at the stud. He was well used as a sire of quality foals and appreciated as one of the most valuable horses they secured. In 1885 Kars was sold to Mr. D. Mackay of New South Wales, Australia for 250 gs. A versatile horse standing 14.2½ hands, he made a name for himself in Australia as a successful sire of buggy horses. He also proved himself on the hunting field in addition to winning prizes at showjumping. (Notes on Kars derived from “A Brief History of the Founding of Crabbet Stud” by Carol W. Mulder. The Arabian Horse Journal, August 1, 1983.)

via Arieana Arabians - Heritage Notebook: Into the Sands of Time (Desert Bred Stallions)

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