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also known as: Pharaoh DB
GSB 39
breed: Arabian
colour: Bay
sex: stallion
date of birth: 1876
land of birth: Saudi Arabia
land of standing: Russia
Strain: Saqlawi Jidran
Breeder: Neddi Ibn ed-Derri

I: Arabia to England 1879, Blunts. I: Antoniny Stud-Poland 1882 Count Jozef Potocki. I: Russia 1885 by the Tsar. Pyramid Society: Straight Egyptian. Sheykh Obeyd. Al Khamsa Foundation Horse - Blunt, 100%

A Desert-Bred Stallion and treasured within the CMK Heritage as one of the original foundation sires for Wilfrid Scawen Blunt’s and Lady Anne Blunt’s Crabbet Stud in England, Pharaoh was bred by Barki Ibn Ed Derri of the Resallin Gomussa of the Sebaa Anazeh. Purchased through Mr. J.H. Skene, British Counsul at Aleppo, from Neddi Ibn Ed Derri, head of the Ibn Ed Derri family of the Resallin by Wilfrid S. Blunt in October of 1878 when Pharaoh was 2. The purchase was made at Beteyen Ibn Mirshid’s camp near Palmyra; the price was £275, £125 in gold, the rest being the value of a mare given. Pharaoh was taken to England in 1879 at age 3. On July 2, 1882, when he was 6, Pharaoh was sold at the first Crabbet auction to Count Potocki who paid 525 gs. for him (the top price of the sale at which 11 Arabians were sold) and took him to his Antoniny Stud in Poland. Three years later, in 1885, when Pharoah was 9, Count Potocki sold him to Russia where he became chief sire of the Imperial State Stud at Derkoul. We thankfully today see Pharaoh’s lasting influence in the horses of Arieana Arabians through his daughter Bozra and her daughters *Bushra (see *Ibn Mahruss) and Bukra as well as his son Jeroboam. (Notes derived from “A Brief History of the Founding of Crabbet Stud” by Carol W. Mulder. The Arabian Horse Journal, August 1, 1983.)

via Arieana Arabians - Heritage Notebook: Into the Sands of Time (Desert Bred Stallions)

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