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1907 ed4c 500


also known as: Bint Bint Helwa
also known as: Ghazala El Beida
meaning of name: Arabic for gazelle
breed: Arabian
color: Grey
sex: female
date of birth: 1896
land of birth: Egypt
land of standing: USA
breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif - Cairo, Egypt

EGYPT*139; RAS*30; GSB*302; AHR*211. Strain: Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah. 12-14-1896 purchased by Blunts. I:1909 Egypt to England & transshipped to U.S.A. by Spencer Borden - Fall River,MA. Pyramid Society: Straight Egyptian. Sheykh Obeyd. Al Khamsa: Egypt I, 100%

*Ghazala was purchased from her breeder, Ali Pasha Sherif, by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and Lady Anne Blunt on December 14, 1896 as a foal-at-side along with her dam Bint Helwa; total cost for the pair: £80. *Ghazala was used as a riding horse and broodmare at Sheykh Obeyd (the Blunt’s Egyptian stud near Cairo) until 1909, at which time she was shipped to Crabbet in England at age 13. She was sold in September 1909, for 200 gs to Spencer Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts; she arrived in the United States later that Fall in battered condition from a stormy passage at sea. In early 1917, when *Ghazala was 21 years old, W.R. Brown acquired her for his Maynesboro Stud in New Hampshire; he kept her until her death in 1919 at age 23.

*Ghazala was the only mare bred by Ali Pasha Sherif to ever come to North America. In this regard she was unique and holds a distinctive place in the history of North American horse breeding. Another note of interest is that although Lady Anne Blunt consistently used the name Ghazala for this mare within her own reference materials, this same mare is also mentioned in other Egyptian breeding resources as Ghazala Bint Bint Helwa and Ghazala El Beida.

Notes derived from:
Mulder, Carol June Woodbridge. The Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian Horses, Volume 2 (revised edition). Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA. 1993. pp. 75-84.

via Arieana Arabians - Heritage Notebook: G (*Ghazala)

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