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The Tesla Coil Fez
by fezmonger on Jul 15, 2013 • 4:54 pm

This is another one of our designs that started out as a special Limited Edition that completely sold-out at Denver Comic Con. So of course we had to bring it back for a production run.

The Tesla Coil was one of the many amazing inventions of the great Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century. He was responsible for much of what we take for granted in modern living and even created a few things we have yet to truly grasp. Tesla remains a source of great inspiration and I am thrilled to present this small token of respect to such a great mind.

This is the perfect fez to don when you need to generate that spark of creativity. It is truly a thinking man’s (or woman’s) thinking cap.

The Tesla Fez is available now on the website and if your size happens to sell out before you get to it, fret not, we will be making more.

via The Tesla Coil Fez | Fez-o-blog

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