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the sweetest thing: hi i live in boston and here's what's been reported on so far


  • there were two explosions in copley square near the end of the finish line
  • a reliable news channel here reported on a third, controlled explosion, so it was likely that a bomb squad found the explosion and set it off themselves
  • the people who run the marathon have called the explosions a bomb, but NOTHING has been confirmed by the police
  • 22 people have been injured and 2 people have been confirmed dead— injuries are severe and include loss of limbs in some cases
  • yes, there was a fire in a wing of the jfk library that occurred almost immediately after the explosions were set off, but no one knows if they incidents connected yet
  • the victims have started arriving at the hospital and are being treated for their injuries now
  • the train and most streets are being closed off
  • the fbi is on its way to the site of the explosion right now
  • the president HAS been notified of the explosion 
  • if you live in/near boston, please just stay as far away from the explosion site as you can and allow people to do their jobs. if you have family in the area that you’re worried about, call them rather than going down to check on them.
  • a reliable feed for those who don’t live in boston can be found here

***UPDATE: it was confirmed that the explosions were homemade bombs

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