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also while I’m thinking of it.

please check this out, its a really awesome 

these people are trying to help out the horses (and camels etc) in Egypt. The Pyramid horses, work horses, personal horses, etc etc. They majority are in pretty rough shape - and I don’t mean a touch underweight with some rain rot - and when they can’t be used anymore they’re left to die in the street or desert.

please don’t see this as a reflection of the culture (as cruel, etc etc) its a complicated matter. the point is, these people are trying to help and you should all check them out.

(please be aware the photos get pretty gruesome) 



so signal boosting this!

I’m thinking of asking my parents to send my xmas money to them. I wish I could send them STUFF - I have so much extra STUFF…which I guess I could sell and send the money - but anyway if you’re looking for an xmas gift think about it!

I love PFK. Seriously the best people ever

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