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The Metropolitan Museum’s Egyptian Expedition discovered eight of the eleven foundation deposits that can be associated with Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahri. Three of these were found along the front wall of the temple’s lower courtyard and these contained a total of 299 scarabs and seal-amulets. This example is the largest and most elaborately carved. Unlike other scarabs in the group, the body of the beetle has been partially separated from the base. The inscription on the base combines the pharaoh’s personal name, Hatshepsut, with the epithet “United with Amun.” A triangular repair is also visible in the upper right-hand side of the base and a small ankh hieroglyph (life) may be seen in the lower right….

(via The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Scarab Inscribed “Hatshepsut, United with Amun”)

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