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The throne of Tutankhamun is made of wood, covered with gold and silver, and ornamented with semiprecious stones and colored glass.

The scene on the back panel shows the queen anointing the king. The sun’s rays, terminating in hands, radiate towards the royal couple.

The king wears a composite crown and a broad collar and the queen wears a diadem.

The bodies and wigs of both of them are inlaid with exquisite colored glass and their linen robes are silver.

Two projecting lions’ heads protect the seat of the throne while the arms take the form of winged serpents wearing the double crown and guarding the names of the king.

A wooden footrest was also used to support the king’s feet. It is engraved with subjugated figures of the foes from the North and South, known as the “nine-bows,” lying bound.

The rekhyt birds, referring to the common people, are also shown here under the control of the king.

(via The Global Egyptian Museum | JE 62028, 62046)

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