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October 15 2014

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Bandana de soie

A gray body, a dark face, and striped ears???!!! LOVE

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Crazy mid century Smiling Tiger/ Striped Cat pin with Fangs and a Bow tie - Etsy

Makes me think of Edward Gorey

July 26 2014


June 11 2014

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Not the Top Siders worn by either the preppy fuckers I had the misfortune of knowing, or even the cool ones.


May 29 2014


April 02 2014

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Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Mystery Solved, Scientists Say

For years, scientists have debated the evolutionary reason behind a zebra’s stripes. Are they: a. Costumes for courtship? b: Camouflage to confuse lions and other predators? c: A natural way to cool off? d: Bug repellent?

If you answered “d,” you’d win the prize, at least in the eyes of Tim Caro, a biologist at the University of California at Davis. He and his colleagues report in Nature Communications that the geographic range of zebras and other horsey species with stripes overlap nicely with the range of bloodsucking flies.

"It settles the question pretty well, in terms of trying to understand the evolution of striping in horses, zebras and asses," Caro told NBC News.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Century-old debate

Researchers have looked for novel ways to settle the question ever since Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace started the argument in the 1870s.

All four of the hypotheses listed here, a through d, have been proposed. But a couple of years ago, the bug-repellent idea got a boost when researchers built horse mannequins, painted them in a variety of patterns, coated them with sticky stuff, and found that horseflies seemed to avoid landing on the fake horses that were painted with black and white stripes.

This wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, either.

The proposed explanation was that the flies preferred to land on dark surfaces. Such surfaces reflect the kind of polarized light that reminds the flies of the water or mud where they breed. Light surfaces aren’t as attractive, but dark-and-light patterns are even worse — perhaps because such patterns confuse the flies’ navigational sense. …

My lovely BF sent me this

February 04 2014

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Arothron - a Puffer with spots and zebra stripes!

August 27 2013

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A lizard shows off its dance skills. The reptile was spotted in a park in Surabaya, Indonesia. Although the limber lizard was busy hunting insects, it still had time to stop and perform a quick dance before dashing off into the bushes in search of its next meal.
Picture: Woe Hendrick Husin/Caters

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July 30 2013

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The colt “zorse" N’Soko frolics with its mother, Victoria the mare, and father, Zebulon the zebra, in the private animal park of a farm in Cuchery, France, on August 22, 2003. N’Soko is the brother of the first zorse born in Europe 13 months earlier. “Two natural births from the crossing of the same parents is, to my knowledge, a world first," commented park owner Jean-Jacques Lefevre.

via Photos: Zonkeys and ligers and pizzlies -

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March 03 2013


December 25 2012


July 14 2012

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Ta much, dear MSiegel!

May 04 2012

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Amazing alter ego - open up the zipper to reveal a gorgeous rainbow.

Dig the also freaky, very green, feathery fake eyelashes!

(via Rainbow Zipper - Eyeshadow Lipstick Ideas)

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March 21 2012

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