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November 27 2013

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Novissima et Accuratissima Jamaicae Descriptio by John Ogilby - 1671

Engraved by F Lamb, includes a table showing plantations, precincts and settlements on the island

This is the nifty old stamp's map.

   Via wikipedja

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March 30 2013

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Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann with the Royal Mail’s special Doctor Who stamps which went on sale this week. The stamps mark the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s sci-fi series

  Via The Observer’s 20 photographs of the week

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January 03 2013


Royal Mail reveals Doctor Who stamps

The collection marks the 50th anniversary of sci-fi show Doctor Who, with all 11 Doctors getting their own first class stamp.

Four of the show’s most notorious villains, including the Daleks and the Cybermen, star on the second class set [x].

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