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October 15 2014

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JJJonette Halloween Brooch Skeleton Hiding Behind Door - Etsy

October 14 2014

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Beautiful ooak spooky 925 silver owl pendant with lapis lazuli eyes - Etsy

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October 06 2014

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Cute jack o’ lantern earrings - Etsy

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Nifty mask earrings - Etsy

Love that they're displayed on an ear of corn  XD

August 07 2014

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Amuletic bangle in gold and silver, c. 2000-1800 BCE. The protective symbols include wedjat eyes, djed pillars and ankh signs. Also shown are a turtle, snakes, baboons, falcons, hares and the horned mask of the goddess Hathor.

Illustration from Magic in Ancient Egypt, a book by Geraldine Pinch

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Part of The Book of the Dead of Ankhwahibre, c. 6th century BCE. It shows the main amulets used on a mummy and the spells that went with them. Next to the mummy (far right) are the djed pillar and the tyet knot. Thoth (left) is opening the gates of the underworld to let in the four winds.

Illustration from Magic in Ancient Egypt, a book by Geraldine Pinch

April 26 2014

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Betsey Johnson Exquisite Tea Set - ebay

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April 25 2014

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Cute little teapot ring - ebay

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Silvery tea cup and saucer ring - ebay

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Adorable, cheap little teacup and saucer ring - ebay

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April 20 2014


March 02 2014

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Temple of Athena Ring in 18-Karat Yellow Gold with Color-Change Zultanite Gemstone and Diamonds

Rhonda Faber Green Jewelry

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Daniel Gibbings Ring with Cat’s Eye Zultanite and Pink Rubies in Hand-hammered and Carved 20k Gold
65.45 CTS

Daniel Gibbings Jewelry

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Daniel Gibbings Ruby and Zultanite Sultan’s Delight Ring

20K Gold Textured Ring with 14mm Round Faceted Zultanite and Scalloped Pavé Ruby Accent Stones.
11.54 CTS.

Daniel Gibbings Jewelry

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Erica Courtney Zultanite ring with 18KT gold, diamonds, and Pink Sapphires

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Mirhimah’s Cuff was so well received and fun to design that Selim’s Cuff, a tribute to another Ottoman Princess, was irresistible. This time I wanted to be more assertive and instead of fans, I imagined the armor and shields of a royal guard protecting the princess. The sides of this cuff are hammered brass, a metal not usually associated with fine jewelry, but given the finished result, worth the risk.

Lance Fischer - Selim’s Cuff Zultanite bracelet


March 01 2014

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