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November 19 2014

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Joe - A Proper Gypsy Cob In A Rare Colour!

Cob, Blue roan, Gelding, 7 years, 14.3 hands

HW Blue Roan (Blagdon) Cob

Joe is a lovely example of a proper gypsy cob in a very rare colour! Joe is a very steady chap who is ideally suited to a novice or nervous rider - He has previously worked in a riding school / trekking centre but would ideally like a one to one home now

Joe is brilliant to hack both alone and in company, he is very good in heavy traffic - Joe would make the ideal first horse for an adult or child or a great family friend

He is very easy to do in every way, box, shoe, catch, clip etc

Joe has a lot of potential to do well in the traditional Gypsy cob classes as he is a good mover and a lovely type

I Want a Horse! dot Co dot UK

October 15 2014

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Bandana de soie

A gray body, a dark face, and striped ears???!!! LOVE

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September 09 2014

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I was offered the chance to try out W7’s new Lash & Line and I have to admit I was a little intrigued! Lash & Line is a product that you can use to line your lashes as well as using it as a mascara. Before it arrived I couldn’t figure out what it was going to look like but once I received it my curiosity was satisfied!

It has a regular plastic mascara wand but at the end of it is a thin little brush that is for lining you lashes! I love products that have more than one purpose and Lash & Line is no different! When using it as a mascara you get a nice even coating of glitter over your lashes which is perfect for a night out. As a liner you get a nice opaque line filled with glitter which could easily be worn during the day to add a little sparkle to your make up. It was a little tricky when applying the mascara at first not to get the liner part all over my cheek but with a little practice I got much better at it.

The one that I have tried out is Super Nova, a silver glitter, but it will be available in 6 different shades…

Miss Blogitis: W7 Lash & Line - Super Nova

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July 16 2014

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my new favorite color


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July 07 2014

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#Very silver

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Great Indian slippers

June 23 2014


June 22 2014

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Blue Bunny's Chips Galore! ice cream sandwich

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Blue Bunny's Chips Galore! ice cream sandwich

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Blue Bunny's Chips Galore! ice cream sandwich - tarted up a bit

June 07 2014

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Carta Nevada Semi Dry has a residual sugar level of 4%, thus striking a balance between sweetness and dryness. It is toasty in aroma, yet fruity and flavorful on the palate. It tastes of creamy, sweet peaches with good custardy flavors. A nice zing of acidity keeps it balanced.

Via Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi-Dry – Sparkling wine from Spain

#WANT! #happy birthday to me

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