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March 26 2017

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A pencil drawing [by Queen Victoria] showing the head of Lord Alfred Paget's dog Diver. She is shown facing left in profile.

Inscribed below: Diver, from recollection Saturday Eve Jan 12 1839 BP VR.

Diver was half Newfoundland and half retriever and also went by the name Mrs Bumps.

Diver from recollection - dated Jan 12 1839 -- Royal

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Mrs Bumps became Mr Bumps and got a new tailor - as you do
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July 15 2014

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It’s beautifully drawn and looks like a house from my ‘hood! XD

#Second Empire
#well done


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June 20 2014




so i was looking up stuff about birth control throughout history and


The fucking caption on the picture is the funniest part though

The villain still pursues her

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April 22 2014

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Title: Yeomanry hessian boots, knee
Collection: London College of Fashion Shoe Collection
Creator/Corporate Name: Bartley and Sons
Date: c 1883-5
Decoration: Formalised wrinkles blocked into leg at front and back. Parallel lines at sides. Silver braid top and oval boss centre front.
Description Of Toe: Oval, narrow, shallow
Description Of Upper: Tongued, vamp-galosh. leg higher at front, V-dip, side seams. Colour - black.
Description Of Sole/Heel: Heel - 1.3 inch stacked, fine wheeled, steel spur socket. “Maxwell Patentee”. Row of steel small nails, outside corner. Group of 4 at breast. Sole - Tan forepart, S-curve edge, black waist.
Description Of Sock/Insole/Lining: Sock - Not visible. Lining - Tan leather, gold stamped. ” Royal Arms, “Bartley and Sons/ 493 Oxford St., London ” MS. “74454. G.H. Drummond, Esq. West Kent. Yeo.Cav.”
Cultural Context: English
Location/Current Site: Northampton Museum
Subject: Man´s, pair
Measurements/Dimensions: 11 inch
Material Of Upper: Patent leather
Material Of Sole: Leather
Material Of Heel: Leather
Material Of Lining: Leather
Condition: Unworn
History: Lent to Northampton Museum. Maker - Bartley and Sons
Construction: Welted
Work Type: Boot

VADS: the online resource for visual arts

The third image from the top was kicked off photobucket because it didn’t adhere to their standards - they certainly have dirty minds.

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Introducing the eye-catching DeNiro S8603 Full Laced-Front Boot. This stylish and elegant boot is based upon the traditional Victorian riding boot and will catch the attention of any rider. This boot is handmade from the finest Italian leather and the laces start at the lowest front part of the boot, up to the top to give a closer contact to your leg. The boot also comes with a full length rear zip, therefore the laces create a unique fit just for you or a decorative effect. Behind the effective laces is a long calfskin panel running from top to bottom for enhanced comfort to the rider. The boot itself has a sturdy brown Vibram sole and a grain calfskin inner lining. The S8603 is then neatly finished off with contouring lines and a darker decorative stitch to give it the edge above the rest.

DeNiro Long Riding Boot

January 22 2014


January 20 2014

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What a color scheme. I would have a damn hard time deciding how to paint each section of trim on a Victorian.

December 11 2013

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Like a REAL sir
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November 19 2013

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This 1908 image of women smoking and drinking was intended to be a horrifying glimpse of a post-suffrage future. Now it just looks like an awesome bar. 

they have fudge AND almonds? shit i need a new bar

November 10 2013

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Cape May Victorian House

   Via wikipedia

November 09 2013

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Purple Victorian, Woodbridge—Detroit MI (by pinehurst19475)

This purple Queen Anne is one of Woodbridge’s fine Victorians.

Yup. It lives a bit North of me. :)

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Queen Anne


Second Empire

Carpenter Gothic

Found at BunnyOnToast's joint; orig from TheMelancholyHill
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October 24 2013


October 23 2013


September 29 2013

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I’ve posted this before, but I’m such a sucker for a mansard roof I don’t care.

(via Dark HD Halloween Background |

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September 21 2013


September 01 2013

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The Arnett-Fullen House in Boulder, Colorado (by russellb206)

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August 29 2013

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Circa 1899. “General view, Los Angeles.” The righthand section of a three-part panoramic series. Detroit Publishing Company glass negative.

(via Los Angeles: 1899 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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Montgomery, Alabama, circa 1906. “Perry Avenue.” 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

(via Gingerbread House: 1906 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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