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October 09 2018

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Yak polo in Pakistan

May 13 2014

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By Richard Spencer in Ulan Bator
12:01AM BST 13 Jul 2006

With a thunder of hooves, the armoured warriors evoked the glories of the once great Mongol empire as they galloped across the steppe outside Ulan Bator.

But yesterday the skilful riders of Mongolia’s nomadic population were putting their mounts to an unlikely use: yak polo.

The sport is growing in popularity according to the newly-founded Mongolian Association of Sarlagan [Yak] Polo. Originally designed to entertain tourists like the elephant and camel versions, the sport is booming with four games a week being played this summer.

"Mongolians are interested because it’s a new thing," said Tsedendamba Monhzul, whose family set up the first yak polo team last year. "Now we are doing show games in Ulan Bator." …

…”In Mongolia the number of yaks is becoming fewer every year,” she said. “So we are trying to find a way of protecting this animal.” …

Yak polo rides to rescue of dying breed

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Camel Polo in Mongolia 2012


Camel polo 2012 in Mongolia

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From Our Keef, who said, “Mongolian Polo Team, perhaps? I like “Peewee,” third from the left.” :)

Research has given me the following info:
Camel Polo - “Mongolia vs China 2008”

April 22 2014


May 31 2012

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Polo on Snow
© Andy Keller

Ta much, dear Edosan!

Via - Polo on Snow by Andy Keller

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