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April 20 2017

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Detroit, MI - mid-1980s

April 16 2014

Uma 'selfie' de Assistente Dentária.
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March 13 2014


Tagged Again!


• 1. always post the rules.
• 2. answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write eleven new ones. (the new questions will be on the bottom!!)
• 3. tag eleven people and link them to the post.
• 4. actually tell them you’ve tagged them.

1. What “mythical” creature would you most like to be real?

Dragons! I’ve rarely met one I didn’t like…..and who didn’t like me.

2. Preferred colours — brights, pastels, or earth tones?

Brights - or BLACK. Pastels are too insipid and utterly wash out what little color I have. Earth tones mostly bore me altho many look great on me. Olive drab is funny: the ‘wrong’ shades make me look like a formerly very sick corpse, and the ‘right’ ones make me look V healthy.

3. What other snow-thing would you like to build other than a snowman?

oooooooo an iglooooooooooo

4. One of your most re-read childhood books/series? Adult one?

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Genius kids’ book. That book richly deserved its Newberry Award. I read and re-read all the Marguerite Henry horsey books too.
Pauline Gedge’s Child of the Morning (but I got my 1st copy of it when I was 10). It’s a great novel about Hatshepsut.
Bonus: Egyptian Mythology by Veronica Ions - I got hip to that one when I was like 8, and have read it hundreds of times. [The cool librarians knew I’d already finished the children’s section, so they let me check out stuff from the real library.]

5. Do you have a favourite poet?

E.E. Cummings, Rumi, and Ikkyu.

6. Any siblings?


7. You’ve been given $1000 to donate to the charity of your choice. Who do you choose? (You can split it up if you wish.) Explain your choice.

My BFF Sue has connections with great local charities for people and animals. I’d give it to her.

8. What “junk” food would you eat all the time if you didn’t have to worry about calories or other negative health effects?

Fried damn near anything. My Scots roots betray me.

9. Least-liked school subject?

Gym. OMFG. Climb that rope? I can’t even grab that fukkin rope w/o hurting my hands! Square dancing?! GTFO. Hold an icky boy’s hand and do stupid shit? YGBKM. Dodgeball, I mean Bombardment?! Go to hell. No fencing or horses? Please.
Oh, and teachers who read aloud what you are currently looking at are morons….unless it’s a special needs class of course, or earlier than 2nd grade.

10. How did you find tumblr?

I found tumblr because internet searches for Sherlock. I stayed for the Doctor Who, horses, art, history, cartography, silliness, and lotsa other goodies and the good people. :) You know, the ones who actually answer yr messages and like & repost yr good shit and tell you it’s good shit.

11. Do you like the cars of today, or do you prefer those from a different era? (Which decade/s if so?)

1937 Talbot-Lago T150 SS ‘Teardrop’ Coupé - body by Figoni et Falaschi

1938 Phantom Corsair - body by Bohman & Schwartz

Those pics are sposed to be links to th' appropriate pages.
Nuff said.

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January 08 2014

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Yr Humble Narrator - and no, those aren’t false eyelashes.

It’s only club soda, but I was much athirst.


December 01 2013


A tumblr thingy

Ambisyllabicity asked you:
hey, you’ve just got tagged to post 10 facts about yourself and to send this to 10 of your favourite followers :3

Well, here we go!

1. I find Spirituality far more useful than religion and dogma.

2. I’m much older than you’d suspect. I’m so old I remember being a place.

3. My RP (posh and snooty) British accent is superb, but my Cockney accent is diabolical.

4. I’ve met guitarists who know less about guitars than I do, and I don’t play.

5. I wanna be a library if/when I grow up.

6. I was anti-dog for much of my life. I saw a cat being torn apart by two dogs when I was three, and didn’t get over it until we got Kesha The Magnificent when I was in my early 30s. She was indeed a magnificent dog, and she got many other people over their fear and/or dislike of dogs.

7. I was given the initials CAT, so it’s hardly a shock that I’d lived with more kitties than I can count by the time I was ten years old.

8. I have fallen in love with more horses than humans. The communication’s far better and deeper, and horses are much kinder people than so many humans.

9. I really want a time machine so that I could visit a number of very interesting Ancient Egyptians.

10. I joined tumblr for the Sherlock, but stayed for the Doctor Who, horses, art, history, cartography, silliness, and lotsa other goodies and the good people. :)

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June 14 2013


Just met two lovely mounted cops & their equally lovely partners!

They’d stopped right out in front of our house, and we quickly got outside to greet them. Our next door neighbors babysit, so a buncha happy kids joined us. Mom even had the presence of mind to go grab and quarter an apple for us to feed ‘em :D

The horses were both V sexy chestnuts - one’s a 16.2H Quarter Horse, one’s a former jumper - a Selle Français who’s 17.1! I flirted with both horses, of course, but on learning that the Selle Français had been imported from France, I began telling him how beautiful and intelligent he is - in French. :) He was best pleased and even more shamelessly flirted back, much to his rider’s surprise and amusement. XD

The cops were utterly lovely people, and it was wonderful chatting with them. I told them a story about meeting an Argentine polo player who was so gorgeous I didn’t dare speak to him (had I opened my mouth, only “Asjkdlg,” woulda come out), so I flirted with his gorgeous horse instead. My doing so had very much pleased both the polo player and his horse, and telling the story pleased both mounted police officers too, also.

I haven’t ridden since 2000 so I’ve wept several times since they rode off, (I did wish them Happy Trails) but they’re happy and wistful, not miserable and hyper-sentimental tears.

May 01 2013

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Sophie’s distracted while yr humble narrator pulls a Gookie à la Harpo Marx.

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March 03 2013


February 25 2013

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It’s hard not to dance when I put on Einstürzende Neubauten’s Let’s Do it à Dada!

December 15 2012


November 19 2012


What I feel like doing whenever I walk into a museum's Egyptian gallery:


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When I find a book pertinent to my research:

November 16 2012



I love how obviously intelligent the Sherlock fandom is, we find patterns, number symbols, decipher every millisecond of each scene, discover every possible meaning Moffat’s actions might have

but take the show away from us and

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November 12 2012

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How to act on Tumblr.


November 11 2012

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the average tumblr user past midnight


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July 15 2012


June 21 2012

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Fish Finger for Jenga!

I couldn’t resist.

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