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April 20 2017

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Detroit, MI - mid-1980s

March 15 2015


Detroit - once a manufacturing giant - went bust in 2013. An innovative crowd-funding project called Detroit Soup is helping the city get back on its feet.

It's a typical winter's night in Michigan. Snow is falling, and so is the temperature - it's -15C at last count. Unsociable conditions such as these would put paid to plans for many people, but not in Detroit.

"Winter 'Soups' always do well," says Detroit Soup founder Amy Kaherl, preparing for the latest of her fundraising events. "People are grateful for a chance to come out of hibernation."

With a small team of dedicated volunteers, an empty hall is quickly filled with tables laden with huge loaves of bread, and the waft of soup. Kaherl and friends started Detroit Soup to help local artists fulfil their creative ambition. Five years on, "Soup", as it's more commonly known, is a city-wide movement which has reached well beyond the artistic community.

"Tonight is our 95th soup, and in total we've raised over $85,000 (£57,000)," she says proudly.

The 33-year-old Kaherl is a master multi-tasker - with her rapid-fire speech she is the kind of person who can answer three questions in one sentence. "Check one, check two - pah-tub, pah-tub- pah-tub-PAH. I wish I could beat-box," she rues during the sound-check.

As predicted, despite the cold, people come out in force, bringing with them trays of cupcakes, pastries and pots of hot food to add to the standard fare of soup and salad which gave Detroit Soup its name.

It's a simple concept: people turn up, pay $5 (£3.30) at the door, and listen to three or four people pitch an idea to improve the local community. Pitchers may not talk for more than four minutes, and definitely must not use PowerPoint. The audience can then ask a maximum of four questions.

With the presentations over, soup is served. People mull over the ideas and then they vote on their favourite. The winner gets to take home all the money taken at the door and use it to fund their plan, with the promise they will come back three months later to report on their progress.

The ideas bidding for funding tonight include an urban farming project, an adult literacy programme, a community library for Black History Month, and a support group helping people facing repossession.  ...

BBC News - Can soup change the world?
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November 06 2014




people have been illegally dumping their old boats all around abandoned neighborhoods in detroit so this one newscaster on the local news station has been collecting them and finding out who the owners are by looking up the ID numbers on the boats and then she puts them on a flatbed truck and she brings them back to their owners wearing a fucking captain’s hat and she knocks on their doors and goes “hey we found your boat!”


Ronnie Dahl rocketh!

September 29 2014

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Win the division, have a dance party in the clubhouse. 


September 28 2014


July 21 2014

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Miguel Cabrera is a very silly person.

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Miguel Cabrera’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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May 23 2014

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Not much went right for the Tigers during Thursday’s game against the Rangers. Starter Robbie Ray gave up seven runs in just 3 1/3 innings, the left side of the infield committed two errors and the strikeout-resistant Victor Martinez struck out. But in the ninth inning, they did come across some very good news: Shortstop Danny Worth can throw a fantastic knuckleball.

When you’re impressing Justin Verlander, you know you’re doing something right. More Danny Worth knuckleballs this season, please.

Watch Tigers shortstop Danny Worth strike out two batters with his incredible knuckleball |

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After Thursday’s game, a 9-2 loss to the Rangers, Danny Worth had the look of disappointment on his face of a pitcher who just served up a walk-off homer.

"I shouldn’t have thrown him that heater," said Worth, the Tigers’ backup shortstop.

Worth, now the team’s resident knuckleballer, wasn’t lamenting a game that he gave away. No, the outcome Thursday had long since been decided. Rather, he was upset about giving up a ninth-inning base hit to Texas’ Chris Gimenez, the lone demerit of Worth’s otherwise perfect frame.

He got Michael Choice to go down swinging, then froze Leonys Martin to end the inning, which was the first full inning pitched by a Detroit position player since Mark Koenig in 1931.

With the bullpen already exhausted, starter Robbie Ray lasted 3 1/3 innings. That boded well for Worth’s chances of getting into a game to pitch for the first time since summer league in high school.

"There had been some discussions about it," Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said of the possibility of using Worth in relief. "In the fifth inning, I asked him if he had his pitching spikes with him today."

A crowd of teammates gathered around Worth in the Detroit bullpen as he began to warm up. Much to the crowd’s delight, his catcher had trouble holding onto the ball — so great was the movement on Worth’s knuckleballs.

His aptitude for the pitch may have surprised some of the sellout crowd in attendance at Comerica Park on Thursday, but his skipper has come to expect it.

"I wasn’t [surprised] only because I’ve seen him throw it before," Ausmus said. "It moves quite a bit. I imagine if he was a little more comfortable with pitching, he might even be more consistent."

Worth’s fingers began cramping up as the inning wore on, which Ausmus said can happen when a knuckleballer goes too long without practicing his trade. As a result, teammates like Max Scherzer, who Worth said has been begging him to come to the bullpen and practice the pitch, may get their wish.

"Just throwing a ‘pen every once in a while might alleviate that," Ausmus said, adding that having Worth throw every two weeks or so might be a good idea in case his services are again needed "on a very part-time basis."

Worth was asked whether he might one day consider trying to make it as a knuckleballer, and he didn’t rule it out. For now, though, he’s content to just play with the pitch that he’s been working on since he was 10 while playing catch — unless, of course, his team needs him. …

Tigers' Danny Worth debuts knuckleball in rare mound appearance | News

May 22 2014

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Detroit Zoo introduces new warthog piglets to public
2:09 PM, May 22, 2014

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Detroit Zoo introduced three of five new warthog piglets into the exhibit Thursday.

Mother Lilith birthed five baby warthogs on April 14. The three introduced are female Lucy and males Carter and Sam.

The other two piglets, females Diane and Vera, are being cared for by staff members until they gain more weight to join the family.

The two smallest piglets are gaining weight quickly and will join their family soon, according to Detroit Zoological Society Curator of Mammals Elizabeth Arbaugh.

The quintuplets mark the second warthog birth occurring at the Detroit Zoo in two years.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan suggested to breed the warthogs as the North American zoo population remains under a hundred.

The babies and the rest of the warthog family can be seen in their habitat near the Africa Train Center.

#awww Lilith does it again!

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March 28 2014


March 24 2014


March 12 2014

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Metro Times: Sue Summers of Static Records
Label owner and promoter puts out top notch music. Oh, and she also saves local cats.

By Brett Callwood
Published: March 11, 2014
Photo by Peter Schorn

Sue Summers was already a face in the local punk scene when she started her first label, Chaos, in the ’80s. That label morphed into Static Network and Records, which sees Summers promoting shows on top of putting out quality music. She’s played a big part in making the Erotic Poetry & Music Festival a success, and she hosts shows at the Corktown Tavern throughout the year, including the much-loved Todd’s Reunion. Oh, and she also saves a ton of local cats. Is there anything that Sue Static cannot do?

Metro Times: When did you start Static Records?

Sue Summers: My brother Joe and I (he’s the guitarist in Son of Sam), we grew up in the early ’80s punk and hardcore scenes over at the Freezer Theatre, and the Clubhouse. I was inspired by the whole DIY ethic that was around at the time. Touch n’ Go Records had just started and were releasing records, and I decided that was the route to go. After that, I was into the club scene over at Todd’s, and I had a store there called Chaos. We sold vintage clothes, custom made leather jackets, jewelry and what-not. I also started promoting bands there, and carrying their vinyl (as it was at the time). From there, I started to do shows in the late ’80s. I started at Finney’s Pub [on Woodward in Detroit], and from there I went to Alvin’s and then the Foundry, and then after that 313.Jac/Jacoby’s with Stirling. We ran that for 12 years. Now, I’m doing shows at the Corktown Tavern.

MT: Is Static more of a promo company than a label right now?

Summers: It’s both. The full name is Static Network and Records. We’re focusing more on the promotions end of things right now, doing all the publicity and promoting shows. But the label is still there. We have 29 releases out since we stated as Chaos back in 1991. I had a run in with Sony. We had to change the name, but I was able to prove that they got the name from me for their offshoot label. I was able to get some funds so I was able to start and maintain a label for all these years. That was nice. 29 releases later, and we’re still going.

MT: You don’t put out a huge amount of records – is it just something that you do when a band strikes you as worthy?

Summers: Yes, pretty much. I generally do something when I have it in the budget to work with somebody. The last record we did was actually a release by the Buck Brothers, a band from London. That was my first non-Detroit band. I saw them in Toronto at a conference and really liked them. …

… MT: What release are you most proud of so far?

Summers: That would be the Iggy Pop tribute compilation, Pop O.D. That was just a labor of love, and everything on there blew my mind.

MT: It is a very interesting album – they’re not obvious covers…

Summers: Absolutely, that’s what I was going for. I wanted a mix between experimentation and the tried and true covers. It worked out nicely.

MT: Is it still tough in this day and age for a woman in the music industry? One would hope not…

Summers: Not so much anymore. I guess I never looked at it that way. I just loved music and did it, so it’s never affected me. …

… MT: Do you have any more shows coming up that we should know about?

Summers: I do big charity shows each year – I do the [Halloween] Big ’80s Flashback Bash, the Home for the Holidays Songwriting Showcase and Charity Drive, the Summer Fest Songwriting Showcase, obviously the Erotic Poetry & Music Festival that just passed, and the Todd’s Reunion. Each one of them, a portion of the proceeds benefits a people or animal charity. I like that people can go there and discover some new bands, and also become aware of these community groups that are trying to help others. …

… MT: Excellent. Anything to add?

Summers: I have a Facebook page at That’s what I do when I’m not doing music. I take care of cats in the neighborhood, and that’s my page dedicated to them. I’ve been doing that for years now. We re-home them, feed them, all of that.

MT: How many cats do you have in your house right now?

Summers: Enough.

My BFF is a Goddess.

February 13 2014

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Lushes LaMoan performing during the 25th Erotic Poetry & Music Festival

The Erotic Poetry Fest comes to the Tangent
Talking hard.

By Brett Callwood
February 11, 2014

On Saturday, Feb. 22, the Tangent Gallery will host the 27th Erotic Poetry and Music Festival, tagged “an eclectic celebration of the erotic arts.” A zany lineup of clowns, dancers, musicians and, yes, poets will come together to perform and, in the process, titillate.

“It’s an experience,” says poet Dena Luckett. “While the Dirty Show is more about the visuals, this is an auditory experience.”

Luckett joins a lineup of poets that includes Jimmy Doom, Lianna T., Michele Lundgren, Veronica Frick, and Scott Boman. There will also be performances by Satori Circus, the Detroit Dizzy Dames Burlesque starring Lushes LaMoan, Audra Kubat, Stephanie Loveless, Margaret DollRod, Anastasia Gold, Olive Jus and Tara Lazaroff.

“I’m a voyeur,” Luckett says. “I like to watch people and sometimes I’ll write about the people in the room, on the spot. I like to make people see what I’m trying to get them to think.”

Artist Tara Lazaroff says that she will actually be performing three songs at the event, as well as displaying a few pieces of art. “This is my fourth year here,” Lazaroff says. “It’s at the Tangent Gallery, a larger venue than it has been at in the past, so we might see more art.”

Lazaroff says that the secret to good erotica is “being a little mysterious. I like writing with double entendres, keeping it interesting. See if you can interpret something a couple of different ways.” …

The 27th Erotic Poetry and Music Festival takes place at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 22, at the Tangent Gallery; 715 E. Milwaukee [near Woodward and The Boulevard], Detroit; 313-873-2955; $10

NB: This article has several of Dena Luckett’s way cool poems too, also.

See you there, fellow Detroiters!

January 28 2014

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Those of you whose weather’s even more evil/freaky, you have all my empathy.

#winter sucks

January 16 2014

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William Gedney

Two women with cigarettes sitting in front of mural.

This photograph was taken at the Detroit Institute of Art’s Rivera Court. Behind the women is a section of Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Frescos.

December 06 2013


November 30 2013

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we did it

I’m so proud of my city!  : /

Tags: Detroit OMFG
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November 09 2013

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Purple Victorian, Woodbridge—Detroit MI (by pinehurst19475)

This purple Queen Anne is one of Woodbridge’s fine Victorians.

Yup. It lives a bit North of me. :)

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