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June 28 2013


Blyth’s hawk-eagle

Oooooh! Sexy!


June 13 2013


June 04 2013

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dat comment
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June 01 2013

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My Uncle forgot to roll up the window to his truck, and we found this little guy inside.

He hates you.

He hates everything.

But especially you.

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May 21 2013


May 17 2013


A cross between Indian and White peafowls, called a Pied peacock.

May 04 2013

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World’s Coolest Hummingbird Feeder.

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Doctor Bird

No other place in Jamaica do guests have the opportunity to hand feed the country’s national bird as well as other exotic feathered creatures. Located in Montego Bay, visitors can enjoy the Sanctuary’s zen-like garden, while observing the birds in their natural habitat. This excursion is great for animal and nature lovers. …

  Via Tours | Rockland Bird Sanctuary | Handfeed exotic birds at Montego Bay’s Rockland Bird Sanctuary. Handfeed the Jamaican Doctor Bird in quiet, relaxing atmosphere. | JuJu Tours

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… This is my wife Elise hand feeding the Doctor Birds. There were so many birds at Rocklands that it was distracting and difficult to get any really good pictures because they kept in motion. I was able to grab some decent video clips and we plan a return trip soon for better video. I would like to go a bit earlier and see if we can’t get a sunny day with better lighting so we can really bring you the variety of colors in the birds here. …

I visited Rocklands once but I easily recognized it from this picture - it's a truly amazing experience.  You get a tour of the grounds, most of which was un-tampered with jungle, and fulla birds & masses of flowers & fruit.  You return to the house & they give you a bottle of sugar-water & arrange your hands so the little cuties'll land on you & drink.  Your arms and shoulders start aching & you feel a complete idiot sitting there for so long in that position, esp when an employee has to keep moving your finger closer to the bottle 'cause you're doin' it wrong.  :(   You're finally ready to give up but suddenly there's a tiny feathered jewel on your finger, eyeballing you & sizing you up while imbibing your sugar-water.  XD  Heaven!

  Via Hand Feeding Red Billed Streamertail Hummingbirds (Doctor Birds) at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Jamaica


May 03 2013

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The Doctor Bird is mentioned as “The most beautiful bird in Jamaica…” in Ian Fleming’s James Bond short story, For Your Eyes Only. It is indigenous to Jamaica and is part of the hummingbird family.

  Via What’s Your National Animal? 50 Magnificent Mascots | DialAFlight Blog

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Doctor Bird - Jamaica’s nat’l bird

  Via Jamaican Hummingbird Series Finale - FM Forums

May 01 2013

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Satin Slipper with Love Birds Embroidery

Looks like Mandarin Ducks who love each other.

  Via Pearl River

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April 17 2013

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Shoson Ohara [Koson Ohara] (1877-1945)
Two Barn Swallows on Flowering Wisteria, 1926

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Koson Ohara [Shoson Ohara] (1877-1945)
Crow eating a Persimmon, c. 1910

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Koson Ohara [Shoson Ohara] (1877-1945)
Crows in Moonlight, 1927

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