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August 10 2017


August 09 2017

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Bravo, Sir!

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This is for all y’all who don’t understand how terrifying these suckers are. 


I know just the man for the job.

This is a good joke. This is such a solid, quality joke.

Well done, kids. The planet’s safe in yr hands.
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[sepulchral voice]BEWARE THE CRIMSON PEAK[/sepulchral voice]

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Wie die Faust auf's Auge - works for me
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August 08 2017

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Akhy Firuu’s coral palace, Maupiti, French Polynesia

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Маленький защитник…

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August 07 2017

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So many notes ._.

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Making a Champion - Cian O’ Connor.










It’s disturbing to see many people in the Kemetic community are advocating this ‘punch a Nazi’ shit. Ya think jumping aboard the senseless violence and namecalling bandwagon is Ma’at?

Come on people, you know that’s not the way to go forward.

Rise above. 

You are wrong af if you think fighting back with any means necessary against genocidal rhetoric is wrong. And doubly so if you think silence in the face of oppression isn’t some isfet shit.

Nazis advocate genocide. You better fucking believe that I am going to stand up and fight back against that evil. I’m a born and bred New Yorker, we don’t fucking play with that shit. My akhu were immigrants, and they would be furious if I didn’t stand up against such evil.

friendly reminder that violence is actually a tool that can be used while maintaining ma’at. Don’t believe me? Go look through the Muhlenstein tag and see how “peace loving” the ancient Egyptians were. Go learn about how they used violence to maintain ma’at.

Or, you know, read our mythology where the gods beat the piss out of isfet and a/pep every night and tell me how violence has no place in ma’at.

When someone becomes an active threat to others, it is our job to do everything within our power to stop those ppl from harming others (protecting the defenseless, protecting the disenfranchised, protecting those who are vulnerable–all tenets of ma’at). Nazis want genocide. They want to kill people. They actively harm people. It’s our job to protect those that would be harmed. It’s our job to push back as hard as we can with everything we have to prevent this isfet (read: neo nazis) from gaining power. 

That includes punching them. Hell, I’d recommend doing more than punching them, if its within your means.

Ma’at is not synonymous with non-violence. It never has been. It never will be.

Ma’am also advocates that what is law, is law.

Yeah, when the law was handed down by the living Horus. Don’t be obtuse

The law of the gods, not the law of incredibly flawed men. And even if it were law of men, pretty fucking sure that there are exceptions to the rules–like when the law goes against the core tenets of ma’at (like wow, mind blown). Maybe you should go talk to Set about that. Irony of ironies that you have his name in your handle and don’t understand how rebellion can fit into ma’at. Maybe you’re following the wrong god here, friendo.

The core tenets of ma’at are the types of things I laid out in my response (protecting the vulnerable, clothing the naked, giving to those who have none, etc). Way to not read, way to disregard historical context for ma’at. Way to mental gymnastics your way to sounding very much like a nazi-sympathizer.

But given that I’m pretty sure I know who you are, I’m really not surprised in the least.

It’s very late here, but some thoughts from someone who very much advocates non-violence (more or less provoked from this great post):

1.) A quote from this (other) post

ideally, the world would work like it did in my 10-year-old fantasies, where i could walk up to a nazi and be like “jews are people,” and he would be like “holy shit!!! mind blown” and stop being a nazi and we’d sit down and have a deep philosophical discussion.

but real nazis have this unfortunate, terrifying habit of continuing to be nazis. when you hit them with intellectual debate, or reason, or “tolerance”, or “just giving them a chance”, or “compromise”, or any of that shit. they continue to be nazis, which means they still want to wipe out me and my people, and many other swathes of people as well.

Non-violence only works so far as both sides agree to maintain it. If one side decides violence is the answer, then non-violence won’t work. The exception to that is when the conflict happens on a small scale- because both parties understand there’s a bigger fish out there that will enforce punishment for a violent injustice. There’s actually very little the UN can do if a country’s leader decides to be an asshole or a genocidal maniac, especially one heading an army as well funded as the USA’s.

“But they aren’t actually physically hurting anyone yet”, you may say, but listen: It took nine years between Hitler getting into power to actually starting the Holocaust. If you listen to what these people are actually saying, they’re making their intent perfectly clear. They are declaring they want to kill en mass.

Comparatively “punching nazis” is a relatively non-violent approach. It’s actually a great way to get bang for your buck- in this case more result for less violence. Making it a meme or a “bandwagon” makes the message clear. It says, “this ideology will not be tolerated & people who act like this will not be sympathized with” and also “There is an actual consequence for being a soulless evil trash being that thinks entire races of people should be killed”. 

again from the previously quoted post:

i wish they would stop being nazis but they wish i would die. when you, historically, adhere to an ideology that advocates mass murder past the point of any nonviolent resistance, you have forfeited your right to a fair debate. you have forfeited your right to any response but self-defense that is as violent as whatever you make necessary.

nazis forfeited their right to nice counter-tactics long ago, and jews know this.

“But that’s what the law is for!” You may insist. “They punish people who kill people!” In theory. In practice this hasn’t been true. That’s what all the hubbub with the BLM movement is about. It’s been very clearly marked in an incredibly public manner that us white folks aren’t getting any sort of punishment to match the crime when it comes to killing other races. So not only are killers going free, the people that are supposed to enforce that those killers don’t go free are very much in on it, plus the people that are trying to fight them are being publicly ridiculed and questioned. 

Shits majorly out of wack. Ma’at is about keeping things in wack. 

2.) In this line of thought, part of ma’at is balance. The states (and let’s be honest the whole world) is dealing with a frog boil situation. Things have been creeping right, because honestly until some of the nonsense in 2016 no one was paying particular attention to the ridiculous. If you actually stop and look at what it’s actually like:


That’s not balance.  And I’m pointing this out because there are youngin’s here that may not understand how absolutely unequivocally RIDICULOUS these political stances are, outside of the straight up supervillian levels of racism that comes out of “alt-right”/neonazi propaganda. Condemning entire races of people as dangerous is not what conservatives are suppose to do. Precisely because it leads to infestations and outbreaks of horrible ideologies like nazism.

Please do not underestimate how badly letting these people with their “alt facts” have a platform can go. Someone I work with, here in Canada, actually thinks fox news is a leftist organization that makes up statistics to make muslims look better. It takes a long time to scrub bad facts out of the public mind- consider things relatively innocent in nature like the Jaws movie’s affect on shark populations. When these views are prevalent, the number of people willing to step up and stop the spread of bad information goes down. 

The kind of power balance that exists currently is not ma’at. If all of the politcal nonsense were to stop and we were where we were before the election, it would still not be ma’at. When the difference between violent and peaceful enforcement by police is the predominate skin colour of the group, that’s not ma’at. That’s white supremacy. That’s a major and dangerous power imbalance. People who want to push that even farther? Dangerous, do not let have more power than they already do. 

3.) Physical violence isn’t outweighing or outshining the need for non-violent actions and initiatives. “Punch Nazis” isn’t a cry for a mob to grab pitchforks and torches and raze everything to the ground. People continue to focus on rallying and action in legal and non-violent ways. Information is being spread, governments are being watched, protests are being organized,  smaller elections are being planned for, history is being analyzed- these are the things people are really putting their energy into. A couple of vigilantes here and there and a meme to keep spirits up keeps the power balance from getting anymore out of hand. I’ve made the case so far that we don’t have a lot of other options, but the government has already shown that it will respond to public pressure and it isn’t going to just start immediately shooting everyone illegally. It’s going to try and make it legal first, at least. 

But that means there’s a foothold to keep our non-violent options open, and among other things that requires the public not get swayed into thinking, as the tweet above said, of genocide as a legitimate political opinion.

tl:dr - A little punching now is taking the heads off of dandelions. It’s not going to solve the problem, but it’ll keep it from spreading. Not letting it spread means there’s room for the bulk of the work being done to be nonviolent. The alternative is waiting for it to get so bad that violent resistance becomes necessary, and there will be a lot of death between here and there, mostly of minority and marginalized people. If you think that Ma’at prioritizes not punching now over preventing deaths, kindly punch yourself in the face. 

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