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April 20 2017

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April 19 2017

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SPECTACULAR CME: Old sunspot AR2644 has returned–and it is still active. On April 18th at approximately 2000 UT, the sunspot’s magnetic canopy exploded and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The ESA/NASA Solar and Heliophysics Observatory caught the cloud as it raced away from the sun

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If you find yourself suddenly needing a TON of money for an emergency vet bill, it can be very stressful! Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your situation.

Apply for Care Credit
Financial Resources by US State
YouCaring Fundraising

National organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need Via The Humane Society Website (Heart disease) (Medications)  The Dog & Cat Cancer fund (cancer specific) (dog specific) (assistance for homeless) (cancer specific) (senior dog specific)

I know from personal experience that this is THE WORST! Stay positive if you can, because things can work out. Personally, I applied for Care Credit and did a fundraiser through YouCaring. There are other options out there too!

(also a reminder that we only signal boost and donate to certified non-profits, so we can’t help individuals in those ways, but I hope this post helps out because I know how difficult this can be!)


Please don’t ever put off taking your pets to the vet when it’s necessary because you can’t afford it. There are options. 

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Helen and Her Hula Hoop, Lynemouth, Northumberland, 1984
From the series In Flagrante Two by Chris Killip
Gelatin Silver Print

Such a great beauty, and she even looks like she’s playing a Theremin!

Dave Hulmanoid hipped me


Someone I’m following just made a post asking abt places to buy lingerie that aren't vs or amazon.

Had MyHQ let me sign in, I would’ve edited the dead links, but most of ‘em are still good.

ebay is also pretty useful, including sellers on foreign ebay, altho there is an additional $3 “O-o-oh, mi see ya buy sumtin’ fram farrin!” bank charge.

Whether she even sees this, at least the five people who actually follow me will do.


Anyone else suddenly being followed by hordes of Russian car blogs that all look suspiciously similar?

April 18 2017



plot twist: humanity learns from its history

Now there’s a lovely fucking thought!
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Westside Olympia, WA

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The Man Don’t Give A Shit About No One But Himself!


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To Maintain Corporate Profits On Fossil Fuel!

That’s What!


Yup, and they’re neglected when they get home!
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Pipelines are the safest, cleanest manner of transporting fossil fuels and environmentalists are generally the biggest hypocrites on this planet.


Pipeline breaks: hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil leaked


Solar panel breaks:

There’s a broken solar panel.


Wind turbine breaks:

There’s a broken wind turbine.

Also, something being safer than other options doesn’t make it safe.  An average of 280 significant pipeline breakages happen in oil pipelines a year.  Even that incomplete list I used last year had over 625,000 gallons of oil being spilt in just a handful of incidents.

Other hard data presents that every year significant pipeline events occur at a rate of almost one a day costing between hundreds of millions and billions of dollars every year in just lost oil  sales.  This isn’t including pipeline malfunctions, situations that easily could develop into significant events, which would roughly double the numbers to being about one every 12-14 hours.  Between 7 and 38 people die each year and between 50 and 110 people are injured.


Additional Source.

And the discredit a counterpoint pre-emptively, the factoid of 2.4 million miles of pipelines in the U.S. is true if you include every type of energy pipeline.  If you restrict it to oil pipelines there are only 72,000 miles of oil pipeline.

So between 350 and 700 incidents every year over 72,000 miles of pipe.  In the first two months of 2017 we’ve already spilt 322,000 gallons of crude oil in just three incidents (Ozark Pipeline for ~15k, Magellen Midstream partners for ~140k, Seaway Pipeline for 168k).  In two months an equivalent of 4.5 gallons for every mile were spilt in just three incidents.

Promises of “This one will be safe, we promise!” are hollow promises as well, since that was the exact line used to push the Keystone XL Pipeline before it too had an oil spill last year, spilling 17,000 gallons.

Didn’t one just spill into the Mississippi?

From what I can tell, no matter when you say “didn’t one just spill?” you’re probably right.

There’s currently one in Alaska leaking that can’t even be repaired until enough ice melts, according to the company. 

Here’s a list of pipeline accidents in the United States just in this century.

Y'all just need to figure out which you prefer: money or THE FUCKING PLANET ON WHICH YOUR DAMN ASS LIVES.
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Street scene, Vélizy, France (via here)

Wow, unbelievably fucking hideous.
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