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April 10 2017

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much nice day
so sweating
such heat

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Our instructor told us we hadta take turns singing as we cantered during a riding lesson. I couldn’t think what on Earth I should sing when it was my turn, and our instructor said, “Sing, Christine!”

This song is what came outta my mouth, w/o even thinking. I sang it baritone and all, and everyone LOL’d. Our instructor was doubled up she lol’d so hard. Not what she expected my little white ass to sing :)

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such balmy
very climate
so sweating
such scare

April 09 2017

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Devouring a book in one sitting is one of the most satisfying things in the world.


She ate one of my books once, yeah, the whole thing, just like, with a fork

I don’t read and buy books, I am a bibliophage and a bibliotaph.
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Oh, you know there’s more.



When water BEEN wet but “THEY’RE” afraid to drown…










Full time work should entitle someone to enough pay for rent, food, bills, and leisure activities. Full time work for a full life wage. You put in your 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? You should be able to afford the basic shit you need in life, no matter where you work.

pisses me off that this is considered a radical statement.

I do agree with this but from economic standpoint if you are working at a job like McDonalds as someone flipping burgers and making fries you are getting paid for the amount of skill needed for the job. But if its any other job that requires you to have an actual skill that you can make a career out of then yeah you should be getting paid enough to live a standard life.

If you work FULL TIME you should be able to afford to fucking live. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s flipping burgers, these people contribute to our fucking economy and they MATTER. They should be allowed to be alive.

Jesus fucking Christ do you people hear yourselves?

People like this are why we can’t move on to issues like reducing how many hours is full time, or working out UBI.

We’re going to need to do that. Most people just don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline, without a major change to the structure of the economy, we’re looking at large scale permanent unemployment, even in the “skilled” labor force.

Also? Making food is a fucking skill. Running a fast food kitchen is a fucking skill. Operating a drive-thru is a goddamn fucking skill.

I do not know how to do these things. I have a masters degree and I have no fucking clue how to operate a deep fryer or make coffee drinks. I’d probably not be very good at it, because that kind of hands-on, fast-paced work is very hard for me.

But thankfully, there are people who are good at it, so I can do my job, and they can do theirs, and we can benefit one another by putting our skills to use in different areas. People who work in fast food are not less deserving of comfort and security in their lives just because their skills aren’t valued like they should be. That is a myth developed to deprive people of rights.

My friend works as a medical assistant and I’ve worked at McDonald’s and Starbucks. You know there’s a lot of things you gotta learn in this typa job?

Like in addition to it being physically demanding (standing up for 4-6 hours straight, carrying heavy ice/coffee, constantly getting burned by boiling water and an oven, a lot of reaching and squatting (like a lot a lot I lost 40 FUCKING pounds in a year okay this job demands a lot from the body)), there are actual skills required. Also your skin splits from using so much antibacterial soap.

Do you know what temperature different foods have to be to prevent contamination? If it’s a “cold” or “hot” plate?? Do You know how long food can be out before bacterial contamination can happen?? Do you know the difference between say 1% and heavy whipping cream? Can you teach a chemistry class using milk????? That’s p much what you gotta learn to be able to do. My friend who works as a medic was surprised, because I do more in my day than they do, and THEY told me that. They were shocked how much I actually do; I am on my feet more, talking to more people, I have a working knowledge of food germs food born illnesses and chemistry, I gotta do the same shit with sterilizing my tools the same exact way a doctor sterilizes theirs. Etc etc.

There’s no such thing as an unskilled job. There are only undervalued skills.

“There’s no such thing as an unskilled job. There are only undervalued skills.”

April 07 2017

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Whop there it is

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Photo credit: “Panda Cob”, Gypsy Cob Stallion, Essex UK, 2016

Alice Loder Photography

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my aesthetic is anx genuinely smiling 

I highly recco Charles of the Ritz white face powder.  ;)
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Two kids who loved airplanes and paper airplanes are flyin’ one of the world’s sexiest airplanes while playing with a paper airplane. This is so right in so many ways :D

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Coming up trumps
Location: Venice
Spotted by: Spencer McKay

Sign Language: week 158 - Telegraph

reblogging myself because obvs reasons
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all hail goth moth

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I love this so much.

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