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March 14 2017

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(post truncated to include accurate info only)
As annoyed as I am as well about the whole Tut show thing theres a few things I have to correct before I go nuts.image

This is NOT Tut’s mother.

This is actually his paternal grandmother Queen Tiye, who was the royal consort of King Amenhotep. She is the mother of King Akhenaton. Who fathered King Tut and Ankhsunamun. Tut’s mother is unknown but it is believed that she is the “Younger Lady” discovered in KV55. 

However, because of the inbreeding and genetic diseases that comes with interbreeding it is hard to find exactly where generational lines are separated. But one theory is that King Tuts mother, the “Younger Lady” is in fact 


But because of the disparity in archeological findings in KV55 and the desecration of Tuts tomb in the Valley of the Kings it is very difficult to pinpoint his birth mother. It is believed to be either one of Akhenatons lesser sister-wives, or one of his cousins. 

I’m not saying this removes the show from its deviations in Egyptian History, ESPECIALLY DURING THE ARMANA PERIOD. I’m just glad they that AT LEAST casted POC as characters. This does not exclude the show from criticism, but PLEASE get your facts straight before making false conclusions.

If I tried to teach you everything you would need to know about Familial relationships within the Armana Period of Ancient Egypt, which is literally known as the DARK AGES OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HISTORY I would literally have to drink myself into oblivion before I even started.




IDK who the person in this photoset is but that is definitely NOT King Akhenaten. It is WELL KNOWN that King Akhenaton had large lips, an elongated cranium that was well documented as a hereditary deformity caused by incest. 


This WHOLE post is a cluster fuck of misinformation.

Y’all wonder why so many goddamn art historians are alcoholics.

Did Akhenaten also have “hips wider than his shoulders” ? And they tried to parlay that into him being neither male nor female but both like a god for political reasons? Or am i think of someone else idk but I spend a lot of time reading about that era of ancient Egypt and I’m glad someone with the knowledge is stepping up to knock down the misinformation.


Its subject to a huge debate (gotta love scholars) but it is believed that Akhenaton may have actually been intersex. As he was referred as to having BOTH main male and female sex characteristics. But this is an issue for some scholars as there was a differentiation of relief sculpture in this time period. If you notice how humans are depicted in the 18th Dynasty versus previous dynasties its easy to see the shift from geometric to organic forms. Less rigidness to more curved and liquified reliefs. 



*pinches bridge of nose* Yeah, this post is definitely a cluster fuck…

The Younger and Elder Lady are not in KV55. KV55 is the mysterious tomb left in a shambles directly across from King Tutankhamun. The tomb was originally found and excavated in 1907 and left everyone kind of boggled as to what the hell was going on. Maspero (I’m pretty sure he was the doctor onsite to investigate the mummy in situ) confirmed that the body was a male even though the burial itself left a lot of open interpretation as to whether or not the occupant was male. The canopic jars belonged to Kiya, there was a shrine left at the entrance of the tomb for Tiye, the sarcophagus was a female’s (I believe Kiya’s name was on it) sarcophagus which was then adapted for a male, and the body was seemingly buried in a female attitude.

For a very long time, this tomb left a lot of people scratching their heads. There was no indication as to who was buried there and at the time, genetic testing hadn’t been completed. In 2010, DNA testing of the KV55 mummy seemed to prove conclusively that this was the father of King Tut. Zahi Hawass immediately determined that it was in fact Akhenaten because that was his theory and he wanted it proved. I’m not sure I believe that, but that’s mostly because of the commentary from the above poster about genetics testing (which I’ll get into eventually).

Regarding the Younger Lady and the Elder Lady, both ladies were found buried in the cache in KV35. The tomb was originally assigned to Amenhotep II, but was later re-used as a catch-all for a number of other burials that needed to be moved at some point in the past. KV35 wound up housing any number of famous names from the 18th Dynasty, but it’s the Elder Lady and Younger Lady that are of import here.

In 2010, during the same round of DNA testing that Hawass assumed proved his pet theory that the KV55 mummy was in fact Akhenaten, the testing confirmed that the Elder Lady was Queen Tiye. The Elder Lady’s designation wasn’t really in question at the time only because morphologically, Egyptologists had concluded that the Elder Lady was Tiye as the red hair on the mummy matched the red hair in the little box in Tut’s tomb that housed his grandmother’s hair.

During that same round of genetic testing, the Younger Lady was determined to be King Tut’s mother. While Hawass indicated that the mummy was that of Kiya and Joann Fletcher indicated that the mummy was that of Nefertiti, I’ve seen most people refer to the mummy as Sitamun, a daughter of Tiye and Amunhotep III.

Now, I say all this because this is what the news reports and most recent articles will tell you. (I’ll be honest and let you know that I’m at least a year out of date on what the newest fashion is when it comes to the Amarna period and what pet theory is the most popular right now.)

Just as the above poster indicated, genetics testing is a fucking crap shoot when you enter gene pools of inbred families. Consanguineous marriages like those practiced by ancient Egyptian royalty can caused numerous issues. We all know the most obvious issues: deleterious or recessive gene traits becoming dominant. The tests on Tut show that the boy was sickly and that he had to walk with canes. He was susceptible to disease simply because his parents were so closely related.

One of the things that the above posted doesn’t get into too much detail, and I can’t really get into too much detail either because I’m not even remotely a geneticist, is that the DNA testing completed in these types of mass tests usually are looking for mitochondrial DNA. And the fact of the matter is that if you are testing for mtDNA when it comes to such closely related family members, it can, as mentioned in the above post, cause a lot of issues with trying to figure who is related to whom and how closely related they actually are.

As an example, when it comes to claiming family lineage in the UK, there have to be 10 pairs of genetic markers found in a sample. In the US, there must be 13. During the round of DNA testing completed on the Amarna mummies, only 8 were identified.

Now they did run Y-DNA testing on Tut. I didn’t see anything mentioning that this process was completed on the KV55 mummy, so I can’t comment there. From what I’ve found on the Y-DNA testing of Tut, no one has really looked at the results. I did see a few articles from 2011 that seemed to indicate that there was some drama about which haplogroups Tut belonged to, but that’s about as far as I found.

My main issue with the seemingly accepted points of view after the genetic testing is well… yeah, I guess I’ll go there.

Hawass’s theory about the mummy in KV55 and the Younger Lady in KV35 are all well and good, but they’re just theories. We don’t know and we likely never will who they belong to. The problem with Hawass is that he always wanted to be right so he took the facts as they were presented by a scientific community and did his best to fit them around the narrative he wanted to see. I mean, I can see why anyone would do that – who the fuck wants to be wrong when it’s your life’s work, right? But you can’t fucking take your pet damn theory and tell everyone, “okay, it’s been proved, go home now” especially when other non-Egyptologist scientists can tell you that nothing was proved except this family line was so fucking inbred man.

Back to the above post, referencing the second reblog from this person. The first photos at the top show Tiye and right next to her is Amunhotep III. I don’t recall where that picture of Amunhotep comes from but it’s somewhere and it’s definitely him.

Regarding the images of Akhenaten and the ongoing theories about why he had his iconography look that way… Yes, there are theories that he was intersex however that is just one of many, many theories. There are also theories that he had Marfan’s syndrome. There are also theories that he was attempting to emulate the Aten with the iconography that was chosen as the Aten was considered to be both male and female, so ergo its primary prophet on earth should also be represented as both male and female. I mean, I’ve seen and read so many different ideas that it’s only proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will never fucking know. Ever.

So basically, there’s a lot of different ideas about why Akhenaten and the Amarna artwork looks the way that it does. I definitely think that it’s a great idea for people to see themselves in the iconography (as intersex individuals, as sufferers of Marfan’s syndrome, as non-binary, etc.) as under- or unrepresented groups. I will cheer lead everyone doing that all day every day.

However, we shouldn’t go out saying that it’s “well known” anything about Akhenaten. The only well-known thing about him is that we know jack shit about what the fuck was happening when he came to power or why anything was done the way that it was when he came to power. Anyone who says anything about shit being known about Akhenaten hasn’t done enough reading and should really probably not put any posts out there sounding like an authority on the subject.

Gods, I hate inaccurate Egyptian shite! DALR, nanowits!!!

I recently read a scholarly work re: Akhenaten, and the author made an interesting point. When the “weird” statues of him are viewed from below, as intended, all the “strange” physiognomy resolves into a “normal”-looking form. I’d tell ya which book, but my external hard drive just croaked n took GBs-worth of books with it.

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What did we do to deserve George Takei.

He can cover me anytime, George.

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Yea, Pretty Much!


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March 13 2017

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Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2017-03-10

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A desert panorama under a threatening sky? No. Just a scene from musician Henry Kaiser‘s film of his dive under the Antarctic ice cap, scored by his own music:

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The Instruction of Any (Papyrus Boulaq 4 of the Cairo Museum)
(XXI-XXIIth  dynasty)

Observe the feast of your god,
And repeat its season,
God is angry if it is neglected.
Put up witnesses when you offer,
The first time that you do it.
When one comes to seek your record,
Have them enter you in the roll;
When time comes to seek your purchase,
It will extol the might of the god.
Song, dance, incense are his foods,
Receiving prostrations is his wealth;
The god does it to magnify his name,
But man it is who is inebriated.


Do not raise your voice in the house of god,
He abhors shouting;
Pray by yourself with a loving heart,
Whose every word is hidden.
He will grant your needs,
He will hear your words,
He will accept your offerings.
Libate for your father and mother,
Who are resting in the valley;
When the gods witness your action,
They will say: “Accepted.”
Do not forget the one outside,
Your son will act for you likewise.


Offer to your god,
Beware of offending him.
Do not question his images,
Do not accost him when he appears.
Do not jostle him in order to carry him,
Do not disturb the oracles.
Be careful, help to protect him,
Let your eye watch out for his wrath,
And kiss the ground in his name.
He gives power in a million forms,
He who magnifies him is magnified.
God of this earth is the sun in the sky,
While his images are on earth;
When incense is given them as daily food,
The lord of risings is satisfied.


Don’t rush to attack your attacker.
Leave him to the god;
Report him daily to the god,
Tomorrow being like today,
And you will see what the god does,
When he injures him who injured you.

Quoted from: Miriam Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Volume II
Photos of BOTD papyri in Munich state museum of Ancient-Egyptian art; Vienna state museum of the History of Art (Photos mine, © In-Taier, 2016)

 God of this earth is the sun in the sky,
While his images are on earth;
When incense is given them as daily food,
The lord of risings is satisfied. 

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Mid-80s - at the site of Bookies, 6 and Woodward

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1st 2 images: Sjoerd Friesian Stallion - bareback, bitless -

Middle 4 - pinterest

Last image - instagram

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March 12 2017

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