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February 27 2017

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Ist das nicht Scheiße!
chillin' out
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Hey girl, is it just me or are you wow?
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How,indeed,Nitrovent.  O_O
Thanks for hippin' me, Sofias - I have duly acquired the bkmklet.
Wish there were a bkmklet that would get my tumblr imported into my soup.  That hasn't happened for almost A YEAR!

Image loading repair bookmarklet

This is apparently still an issue, so here is the solution again. This bookmarklet fixes the current broken images on the page, and all that are additionally loaded through scrolling. To save it, open your bookmark-bar (CTRL+B usually) and drop the link into it. To use it, click on the bookmark you just created. Public domain source code available here
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Man sent as child from UK to Australia tells abuse inquiry: name the villains

The UK national child abuse inquiry has been urged at the opening of its public evidence sessions to name and shame the perpetrators of the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of British children forcibly deported to Australia by the UK government and leading churches and charities. 

…the focus of the investigation was from 1947 onwards when more than 4,000 children were sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and southern Rhodesia.

There were many reasons for child migration, she said. It was carried out by the British government and leading churches and charities including Barnardo’s, the Church of England Children’s Society, Cornwall county council and the Sisters of Nazareth. But it was not without its critics at the time and the inquiry heard that in 1956 a blacklist of institutions was drawn up by the British government after evidence of sexual and physical abuse came to light. It was not acted upon following political pressure from many of the charities and agencies involved.

The QC said cutting the cost to the taxpayer of looking after deprived children and providing white Anglo-Saxon labour for the colonies was one reason for the programme. Between the mid-19th century and the 1970s, more than 100,000 children were sent to the colonies.

They were taken from their parents, foster families and children’s homes, put on to ships and not told what was happening.

Some who have given testimony to the inquiry said they were abused in England before their departure and in transit to the Commonwealth, she said.

“You are likely to hear very emotional accounts from former child migrants of the decades of pain their experiences have caused,” she said.

She said one key issue the inquiry would consider was reparation and whether responses to date had been adequate. In Australia, victims from the school in Molong won a settlement from the state and federal governments of more than $20m last year. But there has been no compensation paid by the UK government to the children the British state deported in such numbers.

Aswini Weereratne QC, for the Child Migrant Trust which brought the issue of the forced migration of tens of thousands of UK children to light decades ago, said the 22 survivors who would give evidence had been sent from all over the country. 

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the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen


Woman deported from UK despite being married to Briton for 27 years

Irene Clennell, who has children and a grandchild in the UK, lost indefinite leave to remain after spending time in Singapore caring for parents

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