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It is seriously way past time to undo this bullshit and restore our middle class. Move the top tax bracket back over 70%, raise the minimum wage that has been stagnant for two decades and make the wealthy pay their fair share again.

Yeah, in 1984 I was 33 years old and didn’t pay any attention to politics — but oh boy, I could not figure out why our lives were getting worse and worse!  

Just one example:  For years before Reagan I did a regular satisfying office job in city government
 — but then suddenly all kinds of mixups seemed to be going on in lower management, office people got transferred and laid off, and each of us remaining in the office ended up doing at least 2-3 peoples’ jobs apiece.  

Miserable.  Confusing.  

ronnie rayguns and his clone across the pond (rayguns in a dress - er, margaret thatcher) began the destruction of the middle class

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