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Introducing the eye-catching DeNiro S8603 Full Laced-Front Boot. This stylish and elegant boot is based upon the traditional Victorian riding boot and will catch the attention of any rider. This boot is handmade from the finest Italian leather and the laces start at the lowest front part of the boot, up to the top to give a closer contact to your leg. The boot also comes with a full length rear zip, therefore the laces create a unique fit just for you or a decorative effect. Behind the effective laces is a long calfskin panel running from top to bottom for enhanced comfort to the rider. The boot itself has a sturdy brown Vibram sole and a grain calfskin inner lining. The S8603 is then neatly finished off with contouring lines and a darker decorative stitch to give it the edge above the rest.

DeNiro Long Riding Boot

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