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MoveOn Petitions - Make the Detroit Institute of Arts a National Monument

There is talk of selling art owned by the City of Detroit, contained within the Detroit Institute of Arts, to pay off the city’s debt. This to me would like New York City selling the Statue of Liberty, or Washington D.C. selling the Washington Monument. If we designate the Detroit Institute of Arts, including all of the treasures within, as a national monument, this would protect and preserve them for future generations. Petition Background President Obama has the power with the stroke of a pen to designate the Detroit Institute of Arts as a national monument. I am a native Detroiter, and I love the Detroit Institute of Arts. The thought of losing its collection—especially the Diego Rivera murals—is heartbreaking. I can’t just sit by and do nothing while my main source of pride in Detroit is stolen. …

A non-elected bankruptcy lawyer is doing his best to destroy my city and insult her inhabitants, sticking us with the bill his fine dining and hotel entails. Why? He even plans on selling the treasures of a great museum, which is illegal: our art is held in a charitable trust for the people of Michigan.

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