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This reinvented quality leather bound classic book has been turned
into a fun occasion purse.

Made just the right size at 7 inches
from top to bottom. 10 inches from side to side.
6 inches for the opening to reach in
and with a generous spine of 2 1/2 inches.

The inside purse lining is sewn together using midnight black
cotton fabric accented with a embellished pocket.

A a stretchy ribbon hooked onto a embellished button holds
items in your purse nice and snug.
It is possible to have a favorite bookmade into a purse.
Please inquire at to place a custom order.

1) Antiqued Wooden Handle
2) Large Black Wooden Handle
3) Black shoulder length Handle

Handmade by NovelCreations…

(via Handmade Book Purse - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes [NVLCR] - $65.00 : Gorey Details.)

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